Orientation with Muzaqara

IT Tutorial

Fiqh related to Blood Bank

Fiqh related to Milk Bank

Fiqh related to Sperm Bank

Fiqh related to Bones Bank

Fiqh related to Organ Donation, Reservation and Transplantation

Rulings of using filthy (Najis) substances in Medical Practice

Hayez (Menstruation), Nifas (Post Natal Bleeding), Istihadha (DUB)

Rulings on using drug which increase sexual arousal

Islamic guidelines of sexual relationship with one’s wife

Islamic Guideline during the condition of Impotence or Infertility

Rulings on post mortem and Dissection

Fiqh of liability

Shariah Perspective on Istihala

Islamic Rulings on Surgery

Islamic Rulings on Surgery-2

Islamic Rullings on Surgery-3

Genetic Engineering/Cloning and Stem Cell Research – An Islamic View Point

Circumcision and Gender Change- An Islamic View point

Islamic Guidelines on Consanguineous Marriages

Guideline of performing Obligatory act into the Operation Theatre

Islamic Perspective to Consent and Confidentiality in Medical Practice

Islamic rulings on Cosmetic and Enhancement surgery

Islamic Guideline of ‘breaking the bad News’

Course Ending Ceremony

Orientation & Muzakara
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