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Research Academy for Medical Fiqh & Islamic Treatment (RAMFIT)

RAMFIT is an academy, running with the objectives such as to learn and apply Islamic knowledge in medical studies, to amend wrong fatwa and explanations regarding Medical Fiqh, to research these issues in international standard, and to establish Islamic Shariah based Hospital.

Why is it necessary for the doctors to know about Medical Fiqh?

A diabetic patient observed low blood sugar during Ramadan. What will be the permissible level of blood sugar on which the patient may break his fast?

A brain-dead patient. Is it permissible for me to pull off the ventilatory support of this patient?

Is there any Islamic code of conduct during writing a prescription? What is the verdict on taking medicine with ‘Haram’ components?

Is it permissible for a male doctor to treat a female patient unconditionally? and vice versa?

How will a doctor take decisions regarding euthanasia, organ transplantation, or treatment withdrawal?

Is it permissible for a doctor to give advice on contraception and family planning? What will be a doctor’s stand on medical termination of pregnancy?

What are the medical procedures that may breakfast of a patient during Ramadan?

After all these questions,
there still remain so many other issues…

Putting forward any opinion regarding these matters without proper knowledge and research may raise confusion among Muslims. Some people may advise solving these issues with the help of medical ethics. Yes, it certainly can be done. But the question is, does Islam support every aspect of medical ethics? If the answer is no, then how should a Muslim doctor practice medicine?

Edition of fatwa’s – may startle many practicing Muslims.
So, an explanation is necessary.

A few days ago, people were discussing and arguing over a fatwa regarding ‘taking suppository while fasting’. My eyes got caught in that argument.

According to Hanafi fiqh, taking in a suppository will surely break a patient’s fast because the suppository which is inserted through the rectum might end up in the stomach!! Now, a medical student will obviously know that’s not possible. So, the student may perceive the fatwa as a wrong one because of this explanation. And as there are clashing different opinions where it’s permissible for a fasting person to take suppository, he will accept those opinions. Because if the core of the explanation is whether the suppository will reach the stomach or not, then the fatwa of ‘The fast will not be broken’ is correct as it is unlikely for that medicine to reach the stomach.

This is just one example. There are so many other issues where the fatwa is right but it loses its acceptance due to a lack of proper explanation according to medical science. Just like the aforementioned issue.

So what’s the actual reason?

One thing must be kept in mind that the requital is fixed. It extracted and applied by the scholars from Quran and hadith. The requital for fasting is – Any object which can damage fast must be inserted through an appropriate entrance and must reach an appropriate body cavity e.g – GIT ( lower part of oropharynx to rectum). And the object can’t be absorbed throughout the pathway, it must reach there in intact condition, also there can’t be any obstruction in the pathway.

In ancient times, scholars used to extract fatwa’s based on human anatomy thus known in their times. Of course, the knowledge was limited, for example, it was believed that there is a connection between our ears and throat. So according to the fatwa of that time, any ear drop will damage fasts. But in reality, there is no connection between ear and throat unless the eardrum is perforated. Again, it was believed that there is a connection between the eyes and throat. So, eye drops will breakfast as per fatwa. But now we know that it’s unlikely for an eye drop to reach the throat. It was known that there’s a connection between the urinary bladder or uterus with the circulatory system. So according to this knowledge, a vaginal pessary or urinary catheter may break a person’s fast.

Therefore, the fatwa’s issued by ancient scholars which were correct based on the knowledge of that time and requital is coming out to be wrong according to modern medical science. And now different fatwa’s can be issued on the ground of the same requital.

doors of solutions…

And this is what we work for. We will provide accurate medical knowledge to the scholars regarding these issues. Our respected scholars will extract the correct fatwa based on that knowledge. Thus, the difference of opinions in these regards will be solved to a great extent. Yes, not all issues will be solved. There will still be some inevitable differences regarding requital.

To complete this work, a huge flock of talented and knowledgeable individuals must come together. They must know the basic principles of Islam – Usul Al-hadith, Usul Al Quran, Usul Al-Fiqh, etc. They also need to know about medical fiqh and Ahadith of medicine. Recent RAMFITIANS are still very young and do not possess that kind of basic knowledge and wisdom. Our current project is to learn and teach them the basics of Islam. Of course, the classes will be taken by classic scholars and they will also be taught medical fiqh and hadith of medicine. We will provide this curriculum from Al-Balagh academy of the UK. After completing the project, the eligible students will be allowed to discuss medical-related issues and fatwas with our scholars.

Cherishing our dreams, projects, and aspirations…

A Muslim doctor must possess knowledge of medical fiqh. Otherwise, he/she will be practicing prohibited issues and will be advising impermissible medicines to Muslim patients. We have a dream to establish a Shariah-based hospital. Without doctors possessing the knowledge of medical fiqh, that dream will not come into reality.

Our future project is to establish a shariah-based international standard hospital in every district. There will be different wards for male and female patients, different staff for male and female wards, shariah board, male doctor for a male patient, female doctor for a female patient. We will provide the best service at a minimum cost. It may take 10 years or 20 years. If we can’t do it, our juniors will do it InshaAllah.

Grounding Goals…

We will never issue any type of fatwa. Fatwa will be issued by the scholars.

We will help our scholars by providing correct knowledge
of medical science.

We will teach our doctors about Medical Fiqh so that he/she can
practice in a halal way and our society will get a practicing Muslim doctor.

We will establish a shariah-based hospital throughout the country.

We will remain free from any type of political group. Any doctor or a medical student can join us after obeying the rules and regulations of
our institution.

We Have With Us

• Scholars
• Doctor + Hafez + Scholar
• Doctor + Hafez
• Doctor + Scholar
• Doctor
• Medical Student

Our Mission

To enlighten Muslim Doctors about Islamic Rulings on Medicine.

Our Vision

To create a shariah based medical system for all.

Investing for Your Future

Virtuous physicians seem to have become a rarity in modern-day medical practice. According to Islamic belief, the life of this world is our opportunity to make our Hereafter, our eternal future. Moreover, giving treatment according to the shariah law is an obligation to each medical practitioner. Therefore, if we practice medicine after acquiring knowledge about Islamic medical jurisprudence and develop ourselves as a virtuous doctor, it will bring us success in the Hereafter, In sha Allah. May Allah accept us!

Dr. Ashraful Alam

Chief Academic Officer, RAMFIT.

Enriching Our Journey

This is a short summary about our glorious journey to the path of Medical Fiqh…

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About - RAMFIT

Research Academy for Medical FIqh & Islamic Treatment (RAMFIT) is an academy that aims to establish a medical community that will work to correlate contemporary medicine with prophetic medicine and ahadeeths, thus medical fellows can practice medicine under the bindings of shariah.

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