Fiqh of Medicine (Level-2)

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  • Duration 100h
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  • Last Update July 27, 2023

About Course

'Fiqh of Medicine & Farz e Ayn' is an exclusive course entitled to Muslim medical professionals and academics, rendering a thorough conceptual introduction to the discipline of medical Fiqh and its correlation with Islamic morality.


The course provides an in-depth conceptual introduction to the field of Islamic bioethics and will examine the practical and theological ethics of medical issues in Muslim contexts and from an Islamic perspective. The course will cover key concepts within Islamic theology, epistemology, and FIQH pertaining to modern-day medicine. The course will conclude with applying principles discussed in the course, to contemporary medical cases.

What Will I Learn?

  • Acquire a thorough understanding, conception, and applied skills of Islamic medical ethics.
  • Perceive the knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and rulings relating to modern-day medicine.
  • Involve in rational and moral reasoning of medical ethical issues.
  • Counsel and guide patients about Islamic rulings concerning current clinical cases.
  • Implement the Islamic principles in the sphere of contemporary medicine.

Topics for this course

49 Lessons100h

Orientation with Muzaqara

IT Tutorial

Fiqh related to Blood Bank

Fiqh related to Milk Bank

Fiqh related to Sperm Bank

Fiqh related to Bones Bank

Fiqh related to Organ Donation, Reservation and Transplantation

Rulings of using filthy (Najis) substances in Medical Practice

Hayez (Menstruation), Nifas (Post Natal Bleeding), Istihadha (DUB)

Rulings on using drug which increase sexual arousal

Islamic guidelines of sexual relationship with one’s wife

Islamic Guideline during the condition of Impotence or Infertility

Rulings on post mortem and Dissection

Fiqh of liability

Shariah Perspective on Istihala

Islamic Rulings on Surgery

Islamic rulings on Cosmetic and Enhancement surgery

Fiqh of Circumcision and Gender Changing

Ruling On Treating Patients by Male & Female Doctor

Islamic Guidance on Living in Non-Muslim countries for Education & Residence

Seven Faces of a Fatwa

Course Ending Ceremony

৳ 750.00 now, and ৳ 750.00 on the 1st day of every 3rd month and a ৳ 250.00 sign-up fee

Material Includes

  • Live & Recorded Video Classes
  • Study Notes
  • Interactive Chat Box

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • The student should complete FOM L-1 to admit into this course.

Target Audience

  • People of Medical Science
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