Fiqh of Medicine

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  • Last Update June 10, 2022

About Course

'Fiqh of Medicine' is an exclusive course entitled to Muslim medical professionals and academics, rendering a thorough conceptual introduction to the discipline of medical Fiqh and its correlation with Islamic morality.

What Will I Learn?

  • Acquire a thorough understanding, conception, and applied skills of Islamic medical ethics.
  • Perceive the knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and rulings relating to modern-day medicine.
  • Involve in rational and moral reasoning of medical ethical issues.
  • Counsel and guide patients about Islamic rulings concerning current clinical cases.
  • Implement the Islamic principles in the sphere of contemporary medicine.

Topics for this course


Etiquettes of the Knowledge Seeker

Basics of Ulum Al-Hadith

Basics of Usul Al-Fiqh

Maqasid Ash-Shariah and Qawaid Al Fiqhiyyah

Evolution of Islamic Medical Fiqh

Aqidah about diseases and seeking treatment

History of Medicine in Islam & Islamic Views of Therapeutics

Islamic vs Western Medical Ethics

Islamic code of Medical Ethics & Practice

Responsibility and Liability in Islam and Medical Negligence

The Fiqh of Fasting

Fiqh of organ donation and Transplantation

Fiqh of Death and Euthanasia

Fiqh of Halal and haram Medicine

Etiquettes of dealing with Pharmaceutical Companies & Diagnostics in Medical Practice

Fiqh of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Fiqh of Family Planning and Reproductive Technology

Fiqh of Vaccination

Fiqh of Cosmetics & Enhancement Therapy

Fiqh of Circumcision & Gender Change

Islamic Guidance for Living in Non-Muslim Countries for Education and Residence

Contemporary medical Issues

৳ 3,500.00

Material Includes

  • Pre-session Study Notes, Lecture Notes; Live & Recorded Video Classes.

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

Target Audience

  • People of Medical Science
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