Prophetic Narrations on Medicine

About Course

The course intends to put light on the most prevalent and prominent medical issues with a theoretical and practical approach from Sahih Al-Bukhari, the most authentic Book of Ahadeeth. The issues discussed here reflect on the basic queries pertaining to medical care and affiliated sectors on the present note.


The course yields a comprehensive discussion on the Prophetic traditions and practices concerning the field of medicine and treatment A correlation between contemporary and Prophetic medicine layouts the entire discussion of individual topics with a systemic approach.

Course Aims and Objectives

  • Illustrating the idea of the Islamic point of view in medicine and therapy solely with the aid of authentic Hadit.
  • Paving the way to speculate Islamic belief and ideological stance abiding by the Islamic Infrastructure.
  • Acknowledging the fundamentals of Hadith science and the Prophetic approach to make clinical practice in the light of Islamic Shari’ah.
  • Establishing a correlation between Prophetic medicine and conventional medicine.
  • Discovering the spiritual array within the framework of Prophetic treatment.
  • Instituting a dynamic platform for Muslim medical Practitioners and scholars to layout solutions of the probable future issue.
  • Providing a virtual stage where topics concerning medicine and treatment shall be canvassed in the context of Prophetic tradition.

Course Content and Format

The subject matters of the course are obtained from The Chapter of Medicine (Kitab at-Tibb) of Sahih Al-Bukhari which is the most prominent book of Kutub al-Sittah (six major Hadith collections) and also the most authentic book after the Holy Quran. These Hadith were collected and compiled over a period of almost 16 years, thoroughly checking the authenticity of the narrations by the most renowned Muslim scholar and Muhaddith, Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari (Ra.).

The course offers discussion on the most basic points of prophetic medicine pertaining to medical science and modern issues. The whole course time is designed into 16 live classes, each 1.5-2 hours long for an approximate time of over 3 months. It is an entirely online- formatted course so the students can have their course time adapted to their regular day-to-day life.

What Will I Learn?

  • Acquire both theoretic and pragmatic understanding of Hadeeth science associated with medical cases.
  • Perceive the wide range of Islamic perspectives pertaining to medical science in the light of both Prophetic tradition and conventional stance.
  • Counsel and guide patients about Islamic rulings concerning current healthcare issues through the glasses of Hadeeth science.

Topics for this course

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Material Includes

  • Live Video Classes.
  • Recorded Video Lectures.
  • Reading Materials.
  • PDF Study Materials.
  • PDF Class Notes.


  • Basic Islamic Knowledge.
  • Graduate-level Students.

Target Audience

  • MBBS Students.
  • Doctors.
  • Graduate Students.
  • Post-graduate Students
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