Islamic Rulings on Medicine

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About Course

'Islamic Rulings on Medicine' is an exclusive course entitled to Muslim medical professionals and academics, rendering a thorough conceptual introduction to the discipline of medical fiqh and its correlation with Islamic morality.

What Will I Learn?

  • Acquire a thorough understanding, conception, and applied skills of Islamic medical ethics.
  • Perceive the knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and rulings relating to modern-day medicine.
  • Involve in a rational and moral reasoning of medical ethical issues.
  • Counsel and guide patients about Islamic rulings concerning current clinical cases.
  • Implement the Islamic principles in the sphere of contemporary medicine.

Topics for this course

43 Lessons

Islamic and Western Medical Ethics.?

This module illustrates the fundamental principles of medical ethics and comparative study of Islamic and Western medical ethics.
Chapter – 01 :- Basics of Western medical ethics.00:00:00
Chapter – 02 :- Fundamentals of Islamic medical ethics.00:00:00
Chapter – 03 :- Implementation of principles of Islamic Jurisprudence on medical ethics.00:00:00
Chapter – 04 :- Similarity and differences between Islamic and Western medical ethics.00:00:00
Testing Assignment
Testing Quiz

Basic Principles and Terminologies of Usool Al-Fiqh.?

This module aims to explain the methodological principles, sequential sources, ethical set-up of Islamic Jurisprudence, the process of deriving rulings associated with medical issues.

Islamic Rulings on Family Planning and Reproductive Technology.?

This module brings forward one of the most important discussions on Islamic ethical viewpoints about contraception, abortion, and allied issues.

Islamic Rulings on Gynaecology and Obstetrics.?

This is entirely a case-based module, bringing forth discussion on actual cases and implementation of Islamic jurisprudence on these scenarios.

Islamic Rulings on Halal and Haram Medicine.?

This module intends to provide a distinctive concept of Halal and Haram medications and the permissibility of using or prescribing them. Along with that, it will put forward Shari’ verdicts on recreational drugs and smoking.

Islamic Rulings on Pharmacy.?

This is entirely a case-based module, bringing forth discussion on actual cases and implementation of Islamic jurisprudence on these scenarios.

Islamic Code of Practice for Medical Practitioners.?

A way-too exclusive module entitled to the ethical conduct of Muslim medical professionals. It portrays a distinctive picture of the Islamic code of actions-Adab in scriptural texts and the medical code of practice in conventional doctrines, ascribed as to how they differ.

The Medical Islamic Rulings on Fasting.?

This module gives an outline for medical doctors so as to determine if a person has the medical fitness to be obliged to fast, from a medical and Islamic jurisprudential viewpoint. It will put forward the basic principles as to when the fast becomes invalid pertaining to clinical or medical necessities.

Islamic Rulings on End of Life Decisions and Euthanasia.?

This module brings forth the discourse of euthanasia- end-of-life care and decisions. The discussions are canvassed on matters such as removing life support, DNR (Do not resuscitate)-order, PAS (Physician-assisted suicide (PAS), and euthanasia-related issues.

Islamic Rulings on Organ Donation and Transplantation.?

This module predominantly comes up with a wide array of analyses about clinical procedures in the field of surgery and allied specializations. It will deal with procedures like grafting, transplantation, and implantation per se, interlinking conventional medical scenario and doctrinal positions of medical Fiqh.

Hadeeth of Medicine.?

This module is all about an introductory outline on “Kitab At-Tibb-The Book of Medicine” from Sahih Al-Bukhari.
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Material Includes

  • Pre-session Study Notes, Lecture Notes; Live & Recorded Video Classes.

Target Audience

  • Any graduate-level student (Medical/Non-medical).
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